How to weld apple jam

How to weld apple jam

Fragrant apple jam will be always by the way at supply of tea to a table, for production of pastries or as a stuffing for pie. Prepare apple jam independently, so you will be completely confident in lack of harmful components and will be able without fears to apply it to baby food.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Weld Apple Jam" How to make fast mayonnaise How to prepare tasty apple pie How to prepare apples pie and a lemon First of all it is necessary to select qualitative raw materials for future jam, that is apples. They have to be fresh and strong, without damages and existence of the putrefactive centers (the struck places it is necessary to cut out carefully and deeply). Take the prepared and carefully washed up apples, get rid of a core by means of a special round knife which divides fruit into eight shares and deletes a middle part with sunflower seeds. In the absence of such adaptation it is possible to make it by means of a usual knife.

Cut the prepared apples small slices and put in ware, add water from calculation of half of liter on kilogram of fruits. Cover a pan and put on slow fire. When apples become soft, approximately in half an hour (depending on a grade of apples), remove a pan from fire and wipe fruit a pestle through a colander or a sieve, it is possible to pass apples via the meat grinder.

Shift the received apple weight in ware with a wide bottom (the more there will be a moisture evaporation surface, the quicker there will be a cooking process). Cook weight on weak fire, constantly stir slowly with a wooden spoon, so you will be able to avoid the burning spoiling color and taste of an apple delicacy. There is no definite answer, how many it is necessary to cook jam. But it is noticed, the cooking time is less, the is lighter and more tasty ready jam turns out.

Closer to the end of cooking of apple gruel add granulated sugar, it will provide fast evaporation of water. On one kilogram of apples it is necessary to take eight hundred grams of sugar. If you wish to receive as a result more dense jam on a consistence, granulated sugar it is necessary to put slightly less. But remember, than it is less than sugar in jam or jam, those more long it need to cook.

Hot lay the prepared jam in previously sterilized banks. Leave jam to cool down before emergence of a dense plenochka on a surface, it will help to prevent process of fermentation at storage. If the film was not formed, put cups with jam in a heated-up oven and slightly dry jam. Let's a product cool down also to a zakuporta banks, clean in a cool dark place for storage.