How to define degrees on a plate

How to define degrees on a plate

Now there are a lot of various models of stoves. They differ from each other not only design, but also a complete set. For example, some plates have no thermometer. Instead on the handle there are numerical values by which it is possible to define, what value corresponds to a certain temperature condition.

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Figures on a plate correspond to degrees. In the instruction to a plate it is in detail described. If it did not remain, you need to define model of your plate at first. For this purpose carefully examine it. You will surely find on it the name or marking. After necessary information is found, visit the website of the manufacturer and find the necessary instruction. You can also communicate to other owners of similar plates on the Internet. It is quite possible that they have documentation for this model.

You can also define degrees on a plate by a thermometer which is made of stainless steel. On sale there are special thermometers. If you did not find it in shops of the city, simply order on the Internet. Thermometers differ from each other in design and the price. All of them are made of stainless steel.

You can define degrees by means of an ordinary baking flour. For this purpose the small pinch of this product is required. Put in an oven on a baking sheet a clean sheet of paper. At this moment the oven has to be well warmed. On paper fill a flour and observe its state some time. If the product chars, temperature in an oven corresponds to 270-280 degrees. If the flour changes color with yellow on dark-brown, the oven means was warmed to 220-240 degrees. The product can also get a yellow shade. Such it happens at a temperature less than 200 degrees.

You can learn temperature and by means of white sugar. For this purpose it is necessary to fill a sugar teaspoon on a foil so that thus the small hill was formed. Lay a foil on a baking sheet in a hot oven. By means of the regulator slowly increase temperature. If sugar started melting, stop rotation of the regulator. At this moment temperature in an oven makes about 200 degrees. This temperature is suitable for baking of the majority of dishes.