How to collect a cooler

How to collect a cooler

The fans installed in the system unit need to be cleaned and greased periodically. If not to do it, devices to which these coolers are attached, can overheat and deteriorate.

It is required to you

- krestovy screw-driver;
- tweezers.

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At first install the Speccy program. In it temperature of devices on which special sensors are installed is displayed. Find the equipment which strongly overheats. Switch off the computer and open the system unit. Surely disconnect previously the personal computer from the power supply network.


Find a cooler which needs to be cleaned. Turn off some screws to remove the fan from the device to which it is attached. Disconnect the cable going from a cooler to the motherboard or other equipment. Take the fan.


Now remove the sticker located in it is central parts of blades of a cooler. Take out a plastic cover if that is available from a nest. By means of tweezers accurately remove a plastic ring from an axis of rotation of blades. Under it rubber laying will be located. Take it.


Now wipe fan blades the wadded disk moistened in weak spirit solution. Put a small amount of silicone greasing or lubricating oil in an opening where the rotation axis is inserted. Grease also an axis.


To collect a cooler, install blades on a rotation axis. Put on it a rubber sealant. Establish into place a lock ring to prevent possibility of dismount of blades. Establish a plastic cap.


Attach a cooler into place. Fasten it screws. Connect a food cable to the socket which it approached earlier. Turn on the computer and start the Speccy program. Be convinced that temperature necessary the device is in norm limits.


If it still too high, install the SpeedFan program. Start it, find the necessary fan and increase the speed of rotation of its blades, having pressed several times the Up button. Be convinced that is enough received speed for stable cooling of the device.