How to sell IT technologies

How to sell IT technologies

The award for creation of the software comes when clients see value of the work done by you. Then they will be ready to pay for your IT technologies. Remember it, beginning sale of your products.

It is required to you

- computer;
- software;
- compact disks.

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Think of creation of various versions of the software which will work at different operating systems. It will allow to expand your potential of client base.


Create possibility of fast purchase of your technologies on your site. After reading of any provided information on the software, clients will be able to pay programs before download them on the computer.


Offer the free trial version of the software and make it it available to downloading. You can establish term it free of charge uses during a certain amount of time or provide to the user a certain number of applications. When the term of use or number of applications expire, the user will be able to get the software if it is pleasant.


Protect your program by restriction of number of the functions available to users during a trial period. You can unblock inaccessible functions when the user buys your software. Other option consists in making all functions just available that users could receive real idea of a product.


Distribute trial versions of the software on compact disks by mail. The compact disk has to contain the same programs which can be loaded from the Internet. When users of compact disks decide to get the software, they have to possess the same version, as those who downloaded it on the site.


Sell your program technologies by means of retail dealers. Find both physical, and online stores which will be ready to sell your applications for the clients. If you are engaged in sale of computer games, can talk to producers of video game consoles and the equipment for them.