How to erase a sheepskin

How to erase a sheepskin

Products from a sheepskin not only are ecologically pure, but also is unconditional, are durable and beautiful. Besides, the sheepskin possesses really unique and useful properties: favorably influences health of the person and supports an optimum microclimate indoors. Thus to look after products from a sheepskin rather simply as they can be subjected to modern processing on the latest technologies.

It is required to you

- soft detergent;
- water;
- brush;
- towel.

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The skin of a sheepskin is recommended to be erased in process of pollution or once a month, but is not more often. It is possible to erase as hands, and in the washing machine. During a hand wash use special liquid soft detergent. Pour warm water in a basin, add detergent and lower a sheepskin. It is necessary to erase quite accurately. Carefully rinse a product in warm water. Do not use laundry detergent and enzymes, alkalis and bleaches at all.


If you decided to wash a sheepskin in the washing machine, choose the special Wool mode. Be convinced that water temperature does not exceed 38 degrees. For washing in the car also use soft detergents which are suitable for washing in the machine gun. Do not use laundry detergents, differently you can spoil a skin only.


After washing it is possible to dry a sheepskin in the usual way. For this purpose it is necessary to spread a towel on an equal surface and to spread out to it a product fur up. During drying of a sheepskin stretch it several times to the initial sizes and few times stir up. It is not necessary to put a skin on the battery for drying at all or to use the hair dryer. The sheepskin cannot be ironed, bleached and subjected to influence of direct sunshine.


After the skin dries, it needs to be combed a special brush for animals. It is desirable to store products from a sheepskin in the dry, dark and aired place. Do not pack it into polyethylene, so the skin will not breathe, and on it condensate can be formed, and it can spoil a product only.


To return to a sheepskin a former whiteness, it is possible to use potato flour. Strew once white fur with potato flour and spray plentifully from a spray weak solution of a laundry soap and economic powder. Smear pasty weight hands on all skin and after it dries, clean off by means of a brush. Dry up and slightly beat out a thing after that carefully comb and give the necessary direction to hair.