What exercises help at stutter?

What exercises help at stutter?
Stutter - an illness which brings many sufferings to the owners. It is possible to get rid of it, but, of course, it means very serious work. So, what exercises help at stutter?
If you decided to struggle with stutter, such exercise can help you: take any text, start reading it aloud, observing the following technology: smooth breath, small delay of breath, smooth exhalation. An essence of this technique that you start saying how the exhalation began, you speak without straining, slowly and slowly. As soon as feel that air almost comes to an end - make a small delay of breath, then - again a breath, start over again to speak, also slowly, freely.
If feel a certain complexity in this equipment - remember favourite not really fast motive. Also reconstruct all text on it: reading texts drawlingly, watch breath. Try not to worry and not to hurry.
Reading drawlingly - only small part from very big share of occupations. The respiratory gymnastics can become good help in fight against stutter. Often stutter has nervous character, and it means that for you soothing grass collecting can render essential help.