How not to spend time in vain

How not to spend time in vain

Ability is correct to distribute the time - necessary quality of the successful person. That you had no feeling that day flew by, and you were in time nothing, master methods of time-management.

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Conduct small research of that, how many you spend time for this or that business. Scrupulously write down these data within a week or a half of month. As a result you receive a picture of how you live, will see where the most part of your time leaves. Results of supervision can become for you unexpected, after all, most likely, you spend the most part of time for small affairs.

Place priorities. Define, what affairs from the list are for you more important. If depends on these affairs not only the current situation, but also your future - deliver the highest point to this line. Appropriate to the affairs executed by you for someone, and what could be ignored in general the lowest assessment.

Find a way to get rid of unnecessary actions and to increase time for important issues. Delegation of a task or the solution of small same questions in batch mode can become an exit.

Solve a big problem gradually. Then it will not seem unreasonable. To observe established periods on its performance, divide it into some blocks and finish one of them daily.

Do not distract on that is not important for you. The idle talk and gossips, computer games, viewing of a talk-show belongs to such things, for example. But do not refuse rest. Replace the TV with walk, and sitting on the Internet - a campaign in theater.

Use opportunity to do two things at the same time. For example, while go somewhere, you can read useful article, make presentation or make an important call.

Store often used information it is organized. Then you will not need to spend time for search of the necessary phone number or the name of medicine which needs to be bought.

Try to consider all circumstances which can affect increase in term of performance of a separate task. Plan it, and you will be in time will cope with affairs to the necessary date.