How to otprosit the child from school

How to otprosit the child from school

Sometimes there are situations at which it is necessary that the child did not visit school lessons one or several days. Some parents the fact of that the child it is necessary to otprosit from school, nonpluses. Though such actions do not represent any special difficulties.

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Call the cool head / principal who visits your child. Each parent has to have this phone number in the list of "disturbing numbers" obligatory as the situations connected with school lessons, behavior of the offspring and others can arise at any time. Explain the reason for which you are going to otprosit the child: sudden small indisposition, urgent departure or another. The cool lady / principal of your son or the daughter will advise thus how in the best way to issue absence of the child on occupations. Usually happens rather simply telephone conversation - this option is ideal for younger school students when training in almost all subjects is provided by the same teacher.

Issue the written statement for a name of the principal in case after telephone conversation it becomes clear that school rules demand such form of a justification of absence of the pupil on occupations. For example, this option of paperwork is required at a long absence of the school student on occupations when training the child at private schools and boarding houses as it is connected with financial nuances of payment of training.

Write a note with the prevention that your son or the daughter will not be able to visit occupation at school for one reason or another if to call administration of school or the class teacher it is not possible. Give this note to the teacher or administration with one of pupils of school, the friend or the schoolmate of your child. Or ask them to give your request in words.

Choose really good reasons for a justification of absence of the child on occupations - an urgent trip, a physical indisposition, family affairs which demand obligatory presence of the son or the daughter. Choose the reasons untrue, but not far-fetched, otherwise the child can perceive school lessons as something, on what it is possible not to spend the time and for various reasons to shirk them.