How to make temporary registration

How to make temporary registration

Under the Constitution each citizen of Russia has the right for a freedom of movement – that is can live, study or work in any place of the country. But, nevertheless, he is obliged to notify the state on the residence – therefore before many there is a question sooner or later how to make temporary registration – and that for this purpose is required.

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It is necessary to issue temporary registration if you arrived to the city for the term of more than three months. It belongs not only to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also to all other cities of Russia. Thus have no right to refuse registration to you (certainly provided that you correctly processed all necessary documents).


The main necessary condition to make temporary registration for a period of up to five years – a consent of the owner of premises that you will be registered in its territory. It can be the owner of the apartment which you rent, the relative or simply familiar.


It is necessary for obtaining the certificate on registration that you or the owner of housing provided the following package of documents in regional office of the Office of the Federal Migration Service: your identity card, your statement for registration (with the indication of terms) and the statement of the owner of the apartment in which you are registered. If some full age owners – are required from the apartment also their written consent. The certificate on registration has to be granted within three days.


To make registration to the child aged till 14 years, it will not be required even a consent of owners – children are registered in the place of residence of parents without any excess formalities.