How to behave in the USA

How to behave in the USA

If you are going to go to visit or visit the USA according to the tour, try to learn a little more about this country, its laws, traditions and customs of local population. Of course, in absentia you do not receive a complete idea of the state, unfamiliar for you. But information will never prevent you, and will help you to improve the friendly relations with people rather and will protect you from some unpleasant situations.

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Before a trip to the USA open the official site of Customs service of this country and study the list of those things and products which are not recommended to be imported or their import is limited. So you will relieve yourself of hassle when crossing border.

In any situation try to behave simply and naturally. Relax the person, do not frown and smile more often – in this country it is so accepted. When you greet people, remember that Americans prefer to shake hands and do not like to kiss in a cheek. But thus show more enthusiasm and be more impulsive. If you are too quiet and closed, it can apprehend, as unfriendliness.

In spite of the fact that Americans – people open and friendly, at them it is not accepted to ask the interlocutor of private matters, and also to extend about any problems, disorders and diseases.

Consider that in different states of the USA different laws including concerning moral work. Some women, for example, can apprehend flirtation or attempts of courting as sticking, and in this case have the right to file a lawsuit against you. Therefore it is better not to overstep certain limits if you are not sure that correctly understand you.

In the USA, as well as in many other countries, do not visit without invitation. If you were invited, in advance coordinate time of the visit. Also try not to be late. It concerns also business visits (in this case in general better to come earlier and a few to wait). As a gift can bring flowers, a bottle of wine or a souvenir from that country, from where you arrived.

Do not forget about that the USA are created by natives of various countries, people of different nationalities, cultures, skin colors and religions. Therefore nobody has to see in your talk and behavior even a hint on racism, intolerance or negative attitude to any religion.

If you want that to you something was prompted, helped to find the necessary address, etc., do not hesitate of bad knowledge of English. Americans are patient and very polite, and will not leave until understand you and will not give support.

In spite of the fact that in each American state the laws, and they in many respects among themselves differ, attitude towards smoking and to drinking of alcoholic drinks approximately equally everywhere. To smoke, and also to accept alcohol follows only in the places which are specially taken away for this purpose. If you decided "to be indulged" with beer in park, wrap a bottle in an opaque package. For disorderly conduct the considerable penalty can threaten you. Can fine and for the wrong recycling. In this country use of different ballot boxes for each type of garbage is provided (for paper, glass, plastic, food waste and so forth).

Always try to carry with yourself the identity card (in your case it is the international passport). Ask about it always in case ofin case of any problems. Rules of personal security in this country same, as well as in others: beware of pilferers and pickpockets also do not wander in unfamiliar doubtful places without locals. And if got to an unpleasant situation or simply got lost, be not afraid to address to police officers. They will always help.