What means a name Iskander?

What means a name Iskander?
Iskander in translation from Tatar means a name: "winner". The boy by the name of Iskander grows quiet, it has no inferiority complex. Inquisitive, likes to strike up new acquaintances. But in communication it proves very carefully.

Given rise in the winter are very restless. They are the real fidgets, it is difficult for them to remain sitting on one place. Are inattentive. They try to be independent. They like to be the focus of attention though sometimes it does not work well. They have an analytical mentality, more they like the exact sciences. In actions are emotional, will never begin to constrain rage. They try to adhere to the established rules and norms. At heart the debaters, like to prove the case. They are always strict and exacting.

Given rise in the spring are quiet, but are not always sure of themselves. They are on friendly terms not with all. Are modest therefore observe more, than take part. They, as a rule, have not enough friends, but these are loyal and devoted friends. Wishes to talk for hours by phone. They are very persistent and assidious. In the affairs charged to them are always responsible and obligatory, but can sometimes be lazy. As a rule, it can depend on their mood.

Given rise in the summer are excessively trustful. They are absolutely artless. Compliant, quite easily can break under pressure. Constraining, can be confused in women's society. In the wife they to themselves will choose the resolute woman with independent character.

Given rise in the fall are prudent. They always know, on what are capable. Are inquisitive and comprehensively developed. They are quite sociable, it is pleasant to talk to them. But debaters, can be brought from a half-turn. In marriage will trust completely the wife.