How to write the application about losses of the passport

How to write the application about losses of the passport

The passport is the main document of the citizen proving his identity. Under laws of the Russian Federation each person since fourteen years is obliged to have the passport, differently it will have to pay a penalty. But what to do in that situation if the passport is lost. It needs to be restored, and part of this process - writing of the application about loss of the document.

It is required to you

- photos;
- the documents necessary for a prostanovka of marks in the passport;
- birth certificate;
- money for payment of duty.

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Prepare necessary documents. Take pictures of a passport format. Also prepare documents according to which in the passport necessary marks - the military ID are given, the marriage certficate, birth certificates, also according to your desire can provide the certificate on assignment to you the Individual Tax Number (ITN) and the medical certificate about group a shelter and a Rhesus factor.

Pay the state tax. For the persons which lost the passport for 2011 it makes 500 rubles. You can download and print out the receipt on the site of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) and subsequently pay it through any bank, or come to Sberbank and fill in the receipt according to the sample placed at the special stand in offices of this bank. When filling the receipt specify not only the addressee's requisites, but also a purpose of payment, and also your biographical particulars - a surname, a name, a middle name and the address.

Come in office of FMS in a residence with all documents. Its address can be found on the official site of the organization, in the section of "FMS of Russia", in the subsection "Local Bodies of FMS of Russia". On a place fill in the application form for loss of the passport in which you have to specify how it was lost, and also in what place and when. Also you need to write also the second application, already on issue of the new document proving the identity. Documents have to be completed according to a sample which to you will be given out by the employee of migratory service.

Do not forget to receive the reference confirming your personality for the period of registration of the passport. Also specify when it is possible to take away the ready document. Its registration usually takes one-two weeks.

After necessary time receive your new passport. If it was not made earlier, put in it a stamp about registration in the management company.