How to pump over horns

How to pump over horns

Game On-line, one of the most popular entertainments of the XXI century. If you decided to try the hand in one of the virtual worlds under the name World of Warcraft, and, so specific character as "horn", costs to you will examine with short "the instruction on a survival".

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Pick up suitable group. The robber, he is "horn", has a number of minuses which can be compensated for the account of other characters easily. Having high rates of attack, the horn is poorly protected and can be easily won without the corresponding support. Protective classes - "tanks", perfectly will be suitable for dual game with a horn. They cause an insignificant loss, but have high rates of protection. Such characteristics allow them to hold on themselves at once some opponents during fight, and you, as the robber, can eliminate bravely at this time monsters.


Look for locations, with "sickly" enemies. As a rule, the enemies having small quantity of life possess high attack. However, it to you is not terrible if you are capable to kill the opponent from one-two blows. Therefore, study regions available to you, for the purpose of identification of a situation, optimum for pumping.


Carry out quests. "Horn" - the most suitable character for performance of various tasks. It quickly moves, can be imperceptible for enemies, and, is capable to get into the places inaccessible to other characters. All this does of it the great messenger and the courier in various missions. Do as much as possible tasks that not only to get experience and to accelerate pumping, but also to buy the better equipment allowing you to battle alone.


Use the strengthening potions. Practically in each game, for all classes, there are various mixtures and elixirs capable of time to increase characteristics of the character. Buy a similar field set and use at its need. It will allow you to lift your force and speed of attack, to restore life and magic energy.


Combine the abilities. The success of any character consists in knowledge of its opportunities. Useless abilities practically do not happen as developers think out this or that "feint" for a concrete case or a situation. Learn to use all data to you ability and pumping of the hero will go much quicker.