What main versions of a teraktr in Bourgas

What main versions of a teraktr in Bourgas

On July 18, 2012 at the airport of the Bulgarian city of Bourgas the bus with tourists from Israel was blown up. Eight people were lost, including the driver – the citizen of Bulgaria. Wounds of varying severity were got by 32 persons.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Main Versions of a Teraktr in Bourgas" Why were lost Israelis in Bulgaria As there was an act of terrorism in Bulgaria the Tragedy at the Munich Olympic Games of 1972 the Very first assumption there was that in a luggage compartment of the bus the put explosive device exploded. But very quickly there was information – the bomb was put in action by the suicide bomber. Such conclusion during joint investigation was drawn by the authorities of Bulgaria and Israel, and also the staff of FBI and CIA.

One of bodies suffered from explosion more than others, at it the false passport of the U.S. citizen and the driver's license issued in the State of Michigan were found.

At a consequence did not remain doubts – the suicide bomber carried by the explosive device in the bus on himself. The photos of this act of terrorism suspected of commission made from these surveillance cameras were in parallel published. The man in sportswear in the beginning about an hour waited in the airport building, then appeared on a parking where the Israeli tourists were waited by the bus. Then his spoiled body was revealed on a tragedy place.

Bases of the Bulgarian border service and FBI had no data on this person. Therefore DNA samples from the terrorist's fingers were collected. By results of analyses it became clear – to them there was a citizen of Sweden Majdi Yezali who arrived to Bulgaria just according to the counterfeit driver's license.

The authorities of Israel in the person of the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Lebanese Hezbollah group financed from Iran of act of terrorism. In turn Tehran expressed bewilderment concerning these charges.

Meanwhile the Bulgarian consequence later after incident lost three weeks confidence that the terrorist planned to become a suicide bomber. Perhaps, the criminal was lost only because of own mistake. He tried to put the backpack in a luggage compartment to what one of victims testifies. She told that her husband for some time before explosion entered skirmish with the terrorist.

In connection with new information of four Israelis the consequence repeatedly decided to call for questioning. Besides, the person declared by the terrorist from surveillance cameras is recognized not privy to the tragedy.

Today investigators are sure of two things: that local criminal groups are not related to act of terrorism, and that collected a bomb near a place of its explosion from components which can be got legally in the territory of Bulgaria.