How to cook stuffed cabbage with haricot?

How to cook stuffed cabbage with haricot?
We got used to cook stuffed cabbage with forcemeat and rice, and what if to prepare them with haricot? As practice shows, obviously is not worse than the traditional …

The recipe of stuffed cabbage with haricot:
300 grams of haricot;
300 grams of cabbage;
100 grams of onions;
30 grams of tomato paste;
50 grams of vegetable oil;
2-3 sweet pepper;
it is a little greens;
salt to taste;
spices to taste.

We grind dry haricot in powder, we pour out in a deep pan, we fill in with hot water, densely we close a cover and we leave for 30 minutes that haricot bulked up, then we cook it on small fire.
The onions are cut and we fry on vegetable oil, then we add some salt, we add chili powder. Onions with seasonings are shifted in the haricot preparing on fire and properly we mix.
The cabbage is boiled and divided into single sheets.
When haricot with onions and seasonings is boiled thoroughly, it wrap in cabbage sheets.
Stuffed cabbage is put in a big pan, shifted by sweet pepper and filled in with the sauce prepared from tomato paste, salt, sugar and pepper.
Stuffed cabbage is stewed within 30-40 minutes.
Bon appetit!