How to increase laptop productivity

How to increase laptop productivity

If you are not the happy owner of the powerful laptop, and slow work of your mobile assistant every day more and more enrages you, situation can quite be rectified.

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The laptop, unlike the ordinary computer, is limited in upgrade opportunities – replacements of accessories on newer and powerful. If on the ordinary computer it is possible to replace all components, including the processor and the motherboard, on the laptop it is only possible to add or change random access memory and the hard drive. But even the increase in random access memory and the hard drive can give a considerable gain of productivity of the laptop.


First of all it is necessary to increase random access memory in the laptop to the greatest possible value. Each laptop allows expansion of random access memory to a certain size therefore you need to visit the website of the producer of your laptop, to find the model and to look at what size of random access memory for your laptop the most admissible.

Now it is necessary to look, how many random access memory on your laptop. For this purpose it is necessary to switch off the laptop, to turn it, and by means of a screw-driver to open one of the covers located at the bottom of the laptop. Under one of them there are levels of random access memory. It is possible to take out and recognize them memory size. Usually volume is specified on the sticker attached to a level. Figures will be specified in megabytes: 256, 512 or 1024. Now it is possible to calculate what memory size it is necessary to buy in addition to achieve the maximum value. Write down parameters and type of memory not to be mistaken upon purchase.

Having established the maximum memory size, you will feel at once changes in operation of the laptop – it will begin to carry out tasks quicker.


Without stopping on reached, it is possible to replace the hard drive in the laptop with faster. Most often, producers install in laptops hard drives with a speed of rotation of 5400 rpm. and buffer 8mb. You can achieve increase of productivity, having replaced the hard drive in the laptop with more high-speed – 7200ob/min. and the buffer 16mb. Actions for replacement of the hard drive will be same, as well as in case of replacement of random access memory.

After the new hard drive is installed, do not forget to install on it an operating system and to transfer all data from an old disk. For this purpose it is possible to use the special USB adapter into which the hard drive is inserted and it is connected through USB port to the laptop.


Having increased random access memory up to the maximum volume, and having replaced the hard drive with more high-speed, speed of the computer considerably will increase.