How to write the address on an envelope

How to write the address on an envelope

Though the epistolary genre – ability to write letters, is gradually forgotten, the usual mail service remains actual in business correspondence. You have to be able not write the address on an envelope, but also on any other mailing – a parcel post, a parcel. Correctly written address – a guarantee of timely delivery of your correspondence.

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The strict rules established by Russian Post, at all not a whim. Their performance guarantees that your letter will be processed quickly, directed and delivered to the necessary address. Therefore show consideration for filling of requisites of a mailing and fill them in the corresponding fields which contents is specified on an envelope.

The natural person specifies a surname and initials in the fields "From Whom" and "Coma" if the recipient or the sender is the legal entity, in this field write his full or short name.

In the field "Where" and "From where" surely specify the name of the street, house number and the apartment or the used post office box. Then write the name of the settlement, area, republic, edge, area or the autonomous area. If the letter is intended for sending abroad, write the name of the country, from where it goes, and the country to which it needs to be sent.

On envelopes there is a special field in which the code stamp – a destination index is written. Write the figures making it in strict accordance with a sample – they are intended for automation of process of sorting of correspondence and are read out by the special equipment and processed by the program of recognition of the text.

The address to which you send the letter, write in the right lower part of an envelope, the sender's address – in his left top part. Do not use excess signs and reductions when writing the address, it has to be read accurately and unambiguously. Try not to allow corrections, write it is legible and it is accurate. If you cannot brag of calligraphical handwriting, write with printing letters. The departures on point duty plying across the territory of Russia are signed only in Russian.