How to open agency of the house personnel

How to open agency of the house personnel

Nurses and housemaids, housekeepers and nurses, cooks and gardeners – all these professionals are very demanded in labor market. If you reflect on own business, try to use current situation. Open agency on hiring of the house personnel. If it is correct to put business, it will provide you the constant income.

It is required to you

- The status of SP or the registered legal entity;
- money for business development.

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Study the market. Learn, how many similar agencies already work in your city. Visit them anonymously, under the guise of the customer. Having felt "on that party of barricades", you will understand, what mistakes to you should be avoided in the future, and what receptions can be adopted. Try to communicate to employees, sometimes from such informal conversations it is possible to take a lot of valuable information.

Obtain the license for the right of work. It can be given out to both the individual entrepreneur, and the legal entity.

Find the room for office. It is desirable that it settled down on the brisk street or had a convenient entrance for cars. The separate entrance is optional, you can open agency in the business center, institute or any other suitable building. It is desirable that on an entrance there was no rigid throughput system as it can it will not be pleasant to your future clients.

Equip places for dispatchers who will receive calls. You need multichannel phone – nothing irritates clients as constantly occupied number. Arrange a reception with convenient furniture, prepare negotiation for candidates and the room for reception of clients.

Think over system of check of candidates. The more guarantees the client will obtain, the reputation of your agency will be higher. You can accept experts to the state or work with them on the terms of turnkey contracts.

Develop system of interviews and write internal instructions for employees. At the beginning interviews and meetings with clients you should conduct independently, but with business expansion these functions should be transferred to managers.

Employ the personnel. Two dispatchers on change, the account manager, security specialists, the accountant and the cleaner will be necessary for you. Over time staff can be expanded.

Create own Internet site. Actively advertize the service at local forums, distribute leaflets in elite houses and business centers. Think over the program of barter services – so you will be able to ensure free advertizing support.