How to throw the husband if you do not love

How to throw the husband if you do not love

They say that in this world each person has the half, but, unfortunately, not all can find it. Such happy women who met the man of the dream from the first and at once established a strong family, it is a little. Quite often after several years of joint life the woman understands that the love is not present. And if she wants to find that only and real with whom it is ready to pass the way to the end, it is necessary to break off the relations with the former husband. And it is absolutely hard.

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Before leaving the husband, be convinced that at you did not remain to him any warm feelings. Perhaps, you also do not realize that it love, and now simply were tired of routine, boring life and want any changes. Try to present the life without it. Whether you will be happy? Perhaps, for a start you should try some time to live separately. You will have a rest, will bring an order to the soul and already then define, whether you should throw the husband.

If after such check it became clear to you that it is necessary to say goodbye, do not delay an explanation for later, after all whenever there was a gap, it will be sick. Do not waste time.

Be ready to that, perhaps, people around will not understand you and friends will condemn. You will not be able to explain or justify them anything, especially if your husband – an example of purity and decency. But all this will pass. Remember that it is your life and your searches of happiness, on what you have full authority.

To break off the relations more softly, try to move away from the husband gradually. Go about career and the own business, more often happen in business trips, nullify intimate relations, and also kisses, touches, etc. If the husband is too not in love with you, this tactics can work. But be ready also to that your husband will blaze to you with bigger passion.

In that case with it to you not to do without straight talk. Firmly announce the decision, but it is delicate and with detailed explanations of the act. Be correct and say that you regret for your gap. It is not necessary to show to the person who to you, maybe, treats with love, the pleasure or simplification.

Try to remain quiet. It is not necessary to fall before scandals, hysterics and showdowns, after all you decided to leave the husband, but not to reconcile with him. Charges in this case simply do not make sense.

If after your words about need to leave the husband tells nothing and does not react to your words in any way, do not demand from him the immediate answer. In general do not touch it – let's time to the person calm down. Apologize, and all.

When the husband declares that he does not represent the life without you, let to it know that all of you equally do not change the decision. It is not necessary to console him and to crawfish, from this anything good will not leave.

Perhaps, the husband himself will start accusing you of all sins and will tell you many unpleasant words. Too be ready to it. But do not hurry to get with it into argument is it does not make sense.

The easiest, though option, very unpleasant for you, – when you will see that the husband obviously was delighted to your decision. Swallow the offense and rejoice to that managed to throw its the first.

11 Try to suggest the husband to remain friends. It is unlikely he will meet your words with enthusiasm, after all it will be sick to it to communicate with you, especially at first. Do not force an event.