How to prepare spaghetti with forcemeat

How to prepare spaghetti with forcemeat
How to prepare spaghetti with forcemeat

Spaghetti – pasta is from solar Italy. Spaghettis acquired great popularity and in our kitchen. This type of macaroni when boiling cannot be broken, they are boiled entirely, in all length. Spaghettis give with various sauces and other products. It can be fish and seafood, meat products and vegetable additives, herbs and spices. Spaghetti with forcemeat - very tasty and nourishing dish. It is not difficult to prepare a dish, and you can diversify it, adding to a dish these or those vegetables, seasonings and spices.

The preparation time of 39 minutes is required to you 400 g of spaghetti of 400 g of forcemeat a house 1 bulb 3 garlic gloves of 200 g 200 ml are swept away. meat broth 1 tablespoon of a flour of 3 tablespoons of olive oil of 150 g of parmesan 2 tomatoes 1 tablespoon of a paprika 1 tablespoon of a dried basil? h. spoons of black ground pepper salt the Sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Spaghetti with Forcemeat" How to prepare forcemeat balls How to fry forcemeat How to prepare rice with forcemeat



Prepare gas station from forcemeat.


Clean onions and small chop.


Spassiruyte onions to transparency.


Add forcemeat to onions and fry 3-5 minutes.


Wipe tomatoes through a sieve and fry with forcemeat and onions.


Then add to broth forcemeat 1/2, salt and, having lowered fire, extinguish 10 minutes.


Clean garlic and pass through a press.


Roast a flour till cream color and stir with sour cream.


Dilute sour cream with the remained broth.


Pour in sour cream to forcemeat, add garlic, spices and herbs.


Bring to boiling, lower fire and extinguish, without closing 15 minutes.


Boil spaghetti in the added some salt water. Add 1 spoon of oil to water when cooking.


Cast away on a colander.


Rub parmesan on a small grater.


Spread out spaghetti in the portions, from above lay out the prepared forcemeat and strew with parmesan.