How to remove all Windows from a local disk

How to remove all Windows from a local disk

Sometimes it is required to install on one computer at the same time some operating systems. They are established, as a rule, on one local section of the hard drive. There can be a need to use only one operating system later, but among the established OS it is not present. It is possible to try to remove in turn them everything then to establish the necessary. But there is an option simpler: at one stroke to demolish all OS from a local disk.

It is required to you

- Computer;
- a loading disk with Windows XP OS.

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At the same time it is possible to remove all operating systems only in two ways. It to format the section that it is impossible to make directly from an operating system, or simply to remove the local section. Both in that and in other case is a loss of information from a local disk. So before operation copy the necessary files on other section of the hard drive or on a flash card.

For the subsequent actions you have to have a loading disk with the Windows XP operating system. On the example of this OS the situation will also be considered. Before operation the disk has to be in the optical drive of the computer.

Turn on the computer. After inclusion you have to press at once the F5 key (as an alternative on some systems the F8 or F2 key can be used). After pressing of the correct key usual loading of an operating system has to stop. Instead the BOOT menu has to open. This menu allows to choose a source of start of OS. Choose your optical drive and press Enter. After the disk in the drive is untwisted, press any key.

Process of loading of files in random access memory will begin. Wait for emergence of the first dialog box. Then press Enter, further - F8. In the following dialog box press Esc. There will be a list of local sections of the hard drive. Now you have two ways: or removal of the local section, or its formatting. Choose Removal of the Section option.

Choose the local section with operating systems. Further press the D and L keys. Then in a window there will be a line "Indiscernible Area". Choose it then press keys C and Enter. Now you have the blank local section where there are no the installed operating systems. At desire you can continue the Windows XP installation or switch off the computer (by means of the button on the case), and later to install other operating system.