How to make a floor in the apartment

How to make a floor in the apartment

The range of coverings for floors is so great that everyone can pick up to the apartment that flooring for a floor which will be convenient and pleasant for your feet. But there are some criteria which need to be considered at a choice and laying of material.

It is required to you

Graph paper, pencil, roulette, floor covering, bilateral adhesive tape, mix for alignment of a basis of a floor, glue for floor coverings, a knife.

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Think, for what and as the room will be used.

For rooms with the increased passability it is necessary to make a flooring, strong, not susceptible to dirt, for a floor.

For sleeping rooms it is better to choose a carpet flooring. It is a good heat insulator and muffles a sound during circulation.

The covering from a tile is suitable for kitchen and a bathroom most successful. It hygienic and easy in leaving.


Measure the room where the new floor covering will be laid. Make the drawing in scale on graph paper. Count a material consumption. Add to total area another 10% on scraps.


Attentively study a basis on which the new covering will keep within.

The old floor has to be equal, not creak and not be unsteady. The surface should not have cracks and strongly soak up moisture. The floor has to be ideally pure.

If the basis for a floor does not meet these requirements, the floor needs to be leveled by means of special mixes and carefully to dry it.


Lay a new floor covering.

Linoleum keeps within freely and is fixed at walls and doors by means of a bilateral adhesive tape.

The carpet can be recorded by means of a bilateral adhesive tape or to paste on all area of the room.

The parquet or parquet board fastens on glue to an equal and dry surface of a basis of a floor.

Laminatny plates are fastened among themselves with grooves, but not fastened to a floor basis, floating laying turns out.


To charge laying of a tile one floor better to the professional.