As it is better to sell a site

As it is better to sell a site

To sell a ground quite simply. The main difficulty - to find the buyer ready to pay that price which is required to you. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. But, if urgent circumstances for sale are not present, you should not hurry.

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Use all possible ways for the notification of potential clients about sale of the land plot. Publish announcements on the websites http://www,, others where messages on purchase and sale of the earth and real estate are hung out free of charge. Specify the area of a site, its site, proximity from big settlements in the text, existence of communications, constructions. Mark a type of property, the price strongly depends on it. If the earth in the certificate on the property right is designated as "the earth of settlements", so on it it is possible to build the capital house and to register in it. The site passing according to documents as "earth of agricultural purpose" will cheaper cost. As to carry out the central communications there it is problematic, and to register construction as permanent residence is possible only through court. Attach the best photos of a plot and specify the cost and a contact information.

Establish on a site the plate about sale. Rather largely to write on the sheet of plywood or simply on a fence the word I "sell" also phone number. Very often those who wishes to get a plot, travel over the interesting settlements by car in search of such announcements.

Update the statuses on social networks, having specified that you look for the buyer on a site. Tell about it to friends and acquaintances. The more surrounding people will be known about your intentions, the higher to sell chance the land quickly and for the good price.

Call in real estate agency. They place announcements of sale of land not only on free, but also on paid resources. It will not cost anything to you. The burden of fee of agents usually lays down on shoulders of the buyer as their percent is added to site cost.