How to twist nunchak

How to twist nunchak

Nunchaki – traditional east cold weapon. Nunchaki represent connection of two roundish sticks fastened with a strong cord. At the seeming inoffensiveness of this weapon, in skillful hands of a nunchaka are capable to put serious injuries, and to select sticks during their promotion it is almost impossible.

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Find a suitable place for occupations from nunchaka. At the beginning athlete the weapon by all means will fall or depart aside that can do harm to people around or break valuable subjects in the apartment. The room has to be spacious and it is desirable to have a soft floor as the fallen heavy nunchak publish a lot of noise.


To secure the body, at the beginning of trainings use soft nunchak. Try to make training nunchak of rolls of old wall-paper, having wound them with an insulating tape. When you learn to operate this weapon, develop force of hands by means of wooden nunchak.


For a start learn to twist nunchak on in advance chosen trajectory. Direct sticks on mentally planned way. Do the movement by the most conscious, gradually increasing rotation speed. The simplest receptions have to develop at you a reflex.


When you learn to twist nunchak at distance from yourself, start working the main fighting racks. Axillary capture of a nunchaka: place one stick an armpit, directing its end back. Hold the second a brush of the same hand, pulling down. If you with a force extend the lower stick, top it is possible to strike blows to a trajectory, unpredictable for the opponent.


Humeral capture belongs to basic provisions when using nunchak. Arrange one stick under the arm, and another – on a shoulder. Thus the cord has to appear behind a shoulder joint. Learn to untwist nunchak from this situation. Work this movement: lower nunchak down, thus hold one stick in hand, and the second let freely hangs down. Twist nunchak up, raising a forearm, thus the free stick has to appear an armpit, as in the provision of axillary capture. The beginning fighters need to make 300-500 repetitions of this movement to fix it.


Work both captures alternately. From axillary capture throw nunchak vertically up and catch a free stick a shoulder. From humeral capture direct nunchak down and fix the axillary. When you learn the main movements and captures, can start more difficult fighting receptions.