How to remove spots from a mirror, flew down?

How to remove spots from a mirror, flew down?
Now in the market there is a wide range of various means which help the hostess to keep clean mirrors and glasses. But how to be with spots? From time to time on glass there are such spots of which it is very difficult to get rid even the most modern means. In this case comes to the rescue... vinegar

Yes, yes, the most usual vinegar which each hostess keeps in a stock on a case of conservation of cucumbers, tomato and other vegetables.
So, to remove (to remove) a spot not of a known origin from glass or from a smooth surface, it is necessary to use vinegar (table).
It is necessary to part two tablespoons of vinegar in one glass of flowing water. Means (antipyatin) is ready.
Now it is only necessary to dip into means a small rag and to wipe this spot on glass (on a mirror). The spot will quickly descend from acid influence. But it is desirable to work thus in gloves once again not to subject skin to influence of the sour environment.
Then we wash out glass from vinegar and we rub to gloss. In total.