How to sterilize the jars

How to sterilize the jars

Pasteurization or sterilization of cans is applied to disinfecting, and also to extension of a period of storage of products which will be placed in banks. Before pasteurization banks are washed carefully and examined on existence and lack of chips and cracks. There are some ways of pasteurization.

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Washed up to bank melt away boiled water and put a neck on the boiling teapot, sterilization time about 10-15 minutes down.


Melt away two times to bank boiled water, then fill in to bank with hot water for 3-5 minutes.


It is possible to pasteurize banks in an oven. Put cups in a cold oven a neck down and heat an oven it to 150 degrees. Take banks in an oven at the specified temperature of 5-7 minutes.


In a microwave it is possible to sterilize empty jars too not bad. Place the washed-up banks inside and include at full capacity a microwave as soon as banks dry they are ready.


Hold washed up to bank down by a neck over naked flame as bank it will dry it was sterilized.