How to make the accumulator

How to make the accumulator

Sometimes in emergency situations it is necessary to use the accumulator for giving of current, for example, when tension was gone in a network. There are some ways to make quickly the accumulator of make-shifts. One of these devices already possesses an initial charge.

It is required to you

Fruit (apples, lemons, oranges).
Wires (it is better than a wire with a clip – them more convenient to fix).
Acetic or lemon acid.
Electrodes (2 metal pins, one copper, another iron).
Glass jar.

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Take 5 lemons (it is desirable unripe). Wash up and wipe them. Thrust in each of lemons on two nailing from the opposite sides.


Further connect them among themselves wires. Connection has to be consecutive. Attach a wire which then needs to be attached to gvozdyu the second lemon to one of nails of the first lemon. The following wire fastens to other gvozdyu of the second lemon and to one of nails of the third., Etc.


To two extreme nails of the first and fifth lemon wires by means of which it is possible then to charge the fruit accumulator also fasten, and also to give current on electric devices.


Pour in bank of acetic or lemon acid. Connect to wires two pins, copper and iron, it will be electrodes. One wire connects to one electrode. Fix electrodes in a plastic cover. Dip electrodes into acid.