How to draw up the statement of office investigation

How to draw up the statement of office investigation

The act is a final document of work of the commission when carrying out office investigation which confirms established facts or events. It is formed on the basis of case papers and is signed by all members of the commission.

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Draw up the statement of office investigation on the letterhead of the company. Above in the middle of a leaf the name of the enterprise has to be specified. Then date drawing up the document below and assign number. It is also necessary to write the city in which there is an enterprise.

The document has to be approved by the director. Put a statement signature stamp which consists of the word I "Claim", names of the organization, the head's position (the CEO or the director) and his surname, a name, a middle name.

Below in the middle of the document write its name "Act of Carrying Out Office Investigation". Then write, on the basis of what document the statement is drawn up. Usually it is the order of the head of the company. Specify its number and date of signing.

List all members of the commission, having entered their surnames, names, middle names and a position of each of attendees by drawing up the document.

State the main point. First of all write on the basis of what documents the statement is drawn up. It can be results of researches, examinations, interrogations of witnesses. Then list objectives which members of the commission needed to execute. In the main part state an essence and nature of the done work, the facts which it was succeeded to establish during the investigation, the drawn conclusions and offers.

Write in how many copy the statement is drawn up and where each of them will be directed. Usually the document is formed in triplicate. One – is filed, the second – remains at the head of the organization, the third – goes to the higher organization.

List all documents which have to be attached to the act. It can be statements, explanatory notes, documents of accounting and financial statements, specification, contract.

All members of the commission and attendees have to sign the document.