How to swing shoulders dumbbells

How to swing shoulders dumbbells

For a long time broad-shouldered men were considered as a prototype of courage and force. Development of knowledge of anatomy allowed to develop the purposeful exercises capable to train any group of muscles including humeral belt.

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At once It should be notedIt should be noted that best of all be engaged in a gym with the instructor. It will be most effective from that point of view that the technology of performance of exercises at you will develop correctly and much quicker.


Nevertheless if you have not enough to visit time the sports hall, get to yourself couple of dumbbells with a set of pancakes and carry out below-mentioned exercises in house conditions.


Before training surely spend 15 minutes for warm-up. As you intend to direct occupations on training of shoulders, respectively, pay more attention to a warming up of shoulder and elbow joints.


Frontal moves. Get up directly, keep shoulders in one plane with your torso. Do unsharp moves by outstretched arms forward. Bring hands to the level parallel to a floor. Make 4 approaches on 6 moves.


Lateral moves. Get up directly, start doing moves in the parties. Do not forget to watch that your shoulders were in one plane with a torso. Bring hands also to the level parallel to a floor. Execute 4 approaches on 6 repetitions.


Moves in an inclination. Execute an inclination from a standing position forward so that your body formed a corner a little more than 90 degrees. Slightly bend feet in knees, and hands – in elbows (they at you have to be lowered). Start carrying out moves up, connecting shovels. Do not stoop, all the time hold a back and shoulders straight lines. Execute also 4 approaches on 6 times.


Shrag. Here a little heavier weight, than in the previous three exercises will be required. Get up directly, hands have to be lowered along a trunk. Start lifting and lowering shoulders as if shake them, speaking "I do not know". Be late every time at peak of rise for two seconds. Execute 5 approaches on 8 times.