When also who founded Boston

When also who founded Boston

One of the world famous American cities – Boston was founded nearly 400 years ago, and within several decades played a role of the largest and major settlement in the territory of America, however later this role departed to New York.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "When Also Who Founded Boston" How to send a parcel to other city How to find the address of the person in St. Petersburg How to create a map of the city After Christopher Columbus in 1492 peddled old stuff, seafarers from all Europe directed to the new continent with the purpose to colonize it and to make suitable for accommodation. British who in 1584 based the first colony in the territory of the United States of America were not an exception also.

After successful development by British of new territories by colonialists pioneer settlements were constructed. Boston founded on September 17, 1630 by Puritan colonists of the Massachusetts colony and called in honor of one of the cities in Great Britain became one of them. Shortly in the territory of this settlement the USA first university, but then still college – Harvard was created.

Officially received the status of the city of Boston in 1822, before it was considered as the settlement. In the middle of the XIX century the new city became the large shopping and industrial center of the USA. In many respects it was connected with cancellation of slavery. Approximately then mass migration of Europeans on the territory of America began. They brought Catholicism to Boston, and soon the community of Catholics became the most numerous in the city.

To the middle of the twentieth century the city gradually came to a depressive state for this reason its administration made the decision on large-scale construction and re-planning of Boston. Historic center of the city was in the mid-sixties restored, the project on drawing attention to Boston by introduction of innovative technologies in the field of medicine was also created.

According to population census in 2010, in Boston lives about 618 thousand people. In the suburbs live about one million more people who on weekdays periodically go to Boston, increasing that its number. Now this city is at development peak, annually about 150 thousand people come to its hundred twenty seven higher educational institutions. The city hall of Boston plans to increase shortly a square of the city, and to the 400 anniversary to open the museum devoted to city history in historic center.