How to place advertizing on Google

How to place advertizing on Google

Advertizing on Google is placed through the AdWords service. Thus the user has an opportunity independently to create announcements in the chosen parameters, to determine the size of the advertizing budget, and also to trace efficiency of the strategy and to edit the text according to the received results.

It is required to you

Internet, box of e-mail Gmail, electronic means of payment.

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Create and activate the account to start work with the advertizing AdWords service it is necessary. If you have no mailbox on Google, it should be registered, having chosen a user name and the password. On the created e-mail address Gmail the message with the reference for activation of the account AdWords will be sent.

Follow the link in the account AdWords, press the Create the First Campaign button. Set necessary parameters of the announcement in the form offered by the program, including heading and the main text. Pay special attention to a choice of keywords. It will allow to show your advertizing to the users who are only potentially interested in the offered information. The list of the word, and also their quantity, you will be able to correct at any time.

Define the daily budget of an advertizing campaign, including cost of one click (the price which you pay when the user presses your announcement).

Enter into the corresponding field the payment information for advertizing display activation. After that data will appear in the section "Campaigns" within three hours. Display of the announcement can be suspended or stopped at any time.

Before creation of the announcement accurately present the audience and proceeding from it formulate the advertizing offer. You have to aspire to that cliques according to your announcement went only from the interested users, and casual - were cut.

Pay attention to that the reference of the announcement, conducted on that page of your site which contains the specified advertizing offer.

Do not forget to monitor the advertizing campaign, correcting the announcement if necessary and eliminating "idle" words.

In the text of the announcement use the attractive words causing positive reaction ("a discount, "gift", "guarantee", "chance" and others). Also in some cases it is worth applying an appeal to action ("do not miss", "use", "hurry" also others).