How to silver water

How to silver water

Silver – the unique metal necessary for normal activity of a liver, a brain, a bone tissue. The water enriched with silver ions is effective for prevention of ORZ and flu, stomatitis, gastrointestinal diseases, for treatment of bronchial asthma and arthritis. To prepare the structured silver water absolutely simply.

It is required to you

For silver water of weak and average concentration:
- any silver product without stone.

For a house ionator:
- square battery;
- a silver product without stone or a silver slice;
- a product from stainless steel.

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For silvering of water take any product from silver (a coin, a spoon, ornament), wash and lower in capacity with cold boiled (or filtered) water. In a day silver water of weak concentration will be ready. Such water is recommended to be used in the preventive purposes.

For preparation of silver water of stronger concentration take any product from pure silver. Carefully wash up. Pour water in the three-liter enameled pan, lower a silver product, put on fire and bring to boiling. When water in a pan boils away approximately to a half, remove it from fire. In two hours silver water of average concentration will be ready to the use. It is applied in the medical purposes. Drink such water on a half-glass in fifteen minutes prior to food within a month.

To receive silver water of strong concentration use ionator. Now on sale there are different models of generators of ions of silver, but the prices of them are quite high. The similar device can be made independently in house conditions.

For production of an ionator take the squared ordinary battery and do on plugs a pricker small openings. Attach to a plate with the sign "+" any silver product, and to a plate with the sign "-" - the handle from a teaspoon from stainless steel.

Lower an ionator in bank with water. For receiving silver water of weak concentration sufficient to take it half-minute in three liters of water, thanks to a direct current it is quickly enriched with silver ions. If to lower the device in water for three minutes – the ionized silver water will turn out so-so, and for obtaining strong concentration it is necessary to put an ionator for five minutes in water liter.

Silver water with strong concentration is applied only outwardly: for an instillation in a nose, rinsing of a throat during quinsy or instead of lotion for wiping of the person at skin diseases.