How to calculate an extra charge to pension

How to calculate an extra charge to pension

Citizens of the Russian Federation who possess the seniority before pension reform of 2002, have the right to an extra charge to pension which is called as valorization. The procedure of payments and payments of this surcharge is defined on the basis of the norms established by Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

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Determine the amount of your average earnings during 2000-2001 on the basis of data of system of mandatory pension insurance. It is also possible to apply for the corresponding reference in the former place of work. Divide the turned-out size into the size of the average monthly salary operating during the same period over the country.

Calculate stazhevy coefficient which for all insured persons is equal 0,55 and increases on 0,01 for every year of the seniority. Thus the turned-out size should not be more value 0,75. Increase stazhevy coefficient by the relation of average earnings and by an average salary in July, 2001 which is equal to 1671 rubles. As a result you receive the settlement size of labor pension.

Find out the estimated period of payment of a labor old-age pension. If you became a pensioner till 2002, this size is equal 144 months. If later, increase this value on 6 for each additional year, thus the sum should not exceed 192. After that for every year increase value by unit.

Find the sum of the pension capital for 01.01.2002. For this purpose value 450 is subtracted from settlement part and shares for the estimated period of payments. Modify the settlement pension capital on indexation coefficient which is defined by the Government of the Russian Federation for the different periods a miscellaneous. In this regard previously examine in the relevant regulations.

Calculate the extra charge sum to pension. For this purpose it is necessary to define its percent. It is equal to 1% every year of the seniority prior to 01.01.2002. If you have a length of service in the period of the USSR, add another 10% to the turned-out size. Increase extra charge percent by the sum of the pension capital to determine the amount of valorization.