How to level logs

How to level logs

Logs are a wooden bar of which the floor framework consists. If it is about the wooden house felling, and logs in such construction are also made of the round wood, usually of a dry pine. Not always logs for a floor are put ideally exactly. Happens, as the wood is not really dried, and sometimes and masters bring. Here also owners should correct errors of workers. It is possible to level logs from the round wood by its obtesyvaniye.

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Mark on construction level, what part round logs you need to remove, make a mark a pencil on both of its parties.


Hammer a thin tack since one end logs into the planned line. Tie to it the cord rubbed with charcoal stretch it and beat a thin nail to the planned line since other end logs. Take a rope in the middle and delay as an onions bowstring, release. The cord will rise on a place and will note the equal coal line along all round log.


Do too most on the other side of round logs. Take a petrolsaw and accurately nadpilit a log on all length with a step of 10-15 cm to the level noted by a cord.


Take an axe or a chisel, cut off unnecessary part logs to a coal mark from all its length. Podravnyayte electroplane. Logs are ready. It is possible to lay on them timber floors.


To straighten logs in the ready apartment use in a different way. The relatively young technology regulated a log is for this purpose used. It will be necessary for you: wooden bar of 50х50 mm, special plastic bolts racks, self-tapping screws.


Drill in a bar carving openings diameter equal to diameter of bolts racks, with a step of 35-40 cm.
Screw bolts racks in openings, spread out logs on a floor, having receded from walls on 6 cm, the distance between logs has to be 40-50 cm, among themselves the bar is joined to the minimum gap of 10 mm.


Through bolts racks drill in overlapping of an opening up to 40 mm in depth for fixture of self-tapping screws. Slightly screw self-tapping screws in bolts racks. Level logs on construction level, tightening bolts racks necessarily.


Over leveled a log lay a draft floor from plywood of 12 mm or plates of a chipboard.
Such way of alignment a log allows to achieve the maximum accuracy and the minimum difference of level of floors of 1 mm.