How to earn additionally in Moscow

How to earn additionally in Moscow

Opportunity to earn additional money in the megalopolis is always. The main thing - to choose the sphere which will be interesting and rather profitable. And then already to look for opportunity to realize itself in it.

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If you are young, study at institute or even at the tenth or eleventh school of school, always there is an opportunity to earn additionally the promoter. A task simple - to distribute leaflets on the street, to present a new product in a supermarket, to represent the stand at an exhibition. To get to base of the agencies which are engaged in organization of events, publish the summary on the websites,, and others, the vacancies devoted to search. Describe external data there, and attach a photo better. Specify experience if is available. Besides, look for suitable announcements of work on the same portals. Respond to them, and HR managers will contact you.

If you love children or even got pedagogical education, try to work as the temporary nurse. They are with kids not the whole day, but hour, two and three, by agreement with parents. Usually their services are required in days off or in the evening on weekdays when mothers and fathers need to crash from the house, and to leave the child there is nobody. Look on the Internet of agency on selection of the house personnel. Phone to a human resources department and send the summary. Be ready to show the document on education and the medical certificate. Besides, place announcements that you offer services of the nurse at forums of young mothers and various female sites.

If you are fond of the photo, you have a professional equipment, organize shooting of various actions - weddings, children's holidays, birthdays. Begin with the short-term events borrowing hour or two. It will help you to distribute correctly time for the photo of portraits and group pictures. At first it is better not to overstate the cost of the work - you not the pro yet. Look for clients among acquaintances, here "gossip hotline" best of all works. If your works are pleasant, the shortcoming of orders will not be.

Various fast food restaurants offer a side job to citizens of all age categories. Of course, the salary is not high there. But it is possible to choose the convenient schedule, to save on lunches and uniform. To get on interview to one of such institutions, address to the manager of restaurant or look for announcements of employment on the sites devoted to search of vacancies.