Than to wash a brush from paint?

Than to wash a brush from paint?
Always it is a pity to throw out a brush, qualitative with a good bristle. After work with paint the brush is hammered, shchetinka stick together, as well as than it is possible to wash a brush?

Do not hurry to get rid of a good brush. Even if it all is completely smeared in paint, it can be wiped, washed.

Aqueous emulsion ink is washed easier only. The brush can be washed under the crane, will leave on it minutes five (no more). Too it is not difficult to wash the dried-up oak brush after aqueous emulsion ink. Simply lower a brush in capacity with water and leave for a couple of hours. And then also under the crane wash out and wipe on chilly.

After work as a brush with enamel, it is desirable to wipe a brush carefully about fabric. And it will be required to fabric very much. It is possible instead of fabric unnecessary pieces from wall-paper to use. All remained paint from a brush needs to be erased. Then the brush can be not washed, and simply to place in a jar with water. So in water the brush will stay about one year and will not dry up. If water evaporates, it should be added.

If the brush is required to be washed everything completely, use turpentine. From all solvents it has the most pleasant (coniferous) smell. Cut off a bottom of a plastic bottle, pour in it turpentine and otmochit a brush of minutes fifteen in it. Then also a rag unnecessary or paper wipe a brush on chilly.