How to make a sphere of a tree

How to make a sphere of a tree

Wooden spheres began to use not only as a masseur long ago, but also as decoration of a modern interior. It is possible to buy spheres, of course, in specialized shops, but what for? you can always independently make such masseur, without having spent thus the savings.

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At once would like to notice that you can make wooden spheres of handwork for yourself and the friends of any form and in any quantity, and for this purpose it is required to execute only a number of simple actions.


Prepare a milling cutter in which it is necessary to fix a mill on the rotating basis so that at start of a disk the mill rotated on a circle with the necessary radius.


Cut off preparation from a tree of a cylindrical form of the necessary size. Thus height of preparation and its diameter have to be equal. For production of a sphere from a tree the hands it is best of all to take preparation from a linden, a pine, an oak or a nut.


Pare down preparation by means of a knife on a tree and give it the form of rotundity (sphere). Fix the received preparation in horizontal situation so that the center of future sphere was directly on an axis of rotation of your disk. Thus the mill will concern preparation, and to mill its parties.


Start the machine. Remember, the sphere will turn out only when preparation rotates with the minimum speed.


Start milling all parties of wood till that time, the sphere will not turn out yet. By the same principle it is possible to make tens spheres of a tree.


Take a ready sphere and apply on it a varnish on a tree, having protected thereby a tree from various diseases and, having given to a product a worthy look. In addition, if you wooden jewelry for an interior becomes, the spheres can be decorated with usual woodcarving, having cut out special drawing, thus, or simply strips diversely, also spheres it is possible to paint in multi-colored shades or to leave without covering. Thus remember that it is necessary to carry out a carving right after milling, and already then to varnish a finished product.