How to spend less money

How to spend less money

The question of thoughtless waste of money was actual at all times. Probably, many faced a problem of a rastranzhirivaniye of a salary or heard reproaches of the family about continuous use of money not to destination.

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First of all obtain a habit to count money, namely get a notebook or a notebook - there write down all the purchases. According to psychologists, such way more disciplines people.


At the end of the month sum up the result: how many money you spent and how many money to you arrived for this period. Also see, without what purchases you could do after that count the sum and present that necessary you could buy on this money. Such way can wake in you essence of the house-keeper.


Before a campaign in shop decide on the name of purchases and calculate their cost. Thanks to such calculations, you will have exact idea of the sum which needs to be taken with itself and ruble more.


Ask your accounts department to transfer all money for the card. According to researches, people spend less money if do not feel cash in hands. Besides, credit cards accept generally in big shops, therefore, at you will not be temptation to get something unnecessary in roadside shop.


If in your family there is a person able to distribute rationally finance, in the best way will give money to it. On the one hand, your wife, the husband or mother will buy all necessary to the house, with another – you can leave the necessary sum for yourself.


Try to divide got paid for the periods. For example, if your pay makes 20 thousand, in 7 days (that is one week from four in a month) you have to spend no more than 5 thousand. A way rigid and effective, but there can be temptations, and you will take money from the next week. Therefore it is best of all to give them to reliable acquaintances.