How to prepare almond cookies

How to prepare almond cookies
How to prepare almond cookies

Almond cookies, perhaps, can be referred to category of available delicacies. Delicate unique taste and gentle aroma will by all means be remembered even to the most experienced taster.

The preparation time of 40 minutes is required to you For almond cookies: 110 g of an almond flour (powder); 225 g of icing sugar; salt pinch; proteins of 4 eggs; 1/2 tsps of lemon juice; 50 g of sugar. For a stuffing: 100 ml of cream (35-38%); 200 g of white chocolate. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Almond Cookies" How to prepare dairy sauce How to prepare orange muffins How to prepare a chocolate sausage


Pour out an almond flour in a deep bowl. If the flour is a little dampish, surely dry. For this purpose it is enough to pour out of it on a baking sheet and to put in the oven which is in advance warmed up to the temperature 150os for 4-5 minutes. Take out and cool. Mix together icing sugar with an almond flour. Sift through a small sieve.

The mixer beat egg whites with salt and lemon juice. Gradually enter granulated sugar. The received proteinaceous weight has to be a magnificent and brilliant, steady and smooth consistence. At desire it is possible to add 8-10 drops of food dye. For this purpose use the special confectionery pallet or a shovel. Accurately connect whipped whites and almond weight. Mix from below up that proteins did not settle, differently cookies will turn out heavy.

Lay a baking sheet the sheet of parchment paper. Shift almond and proteinaceous weight in a confectionery syringe and squeeze out from it future cookies (3-4 cm in the diameter). Do not forget to leave between them intervals of free space. Leave crude cookies to dry up for 1 hour. It is not necessary to cover with anything. This operation is performed in order that the surface became covered by a small film and when baking did not crack, and rose a uniform smooth cap. In an hour check readiness of cookies for baking. For this purpose accurately touch by a finger of a surface of almond and proteinaceous weight. It should not stick, and to be elastic.

Almond cookies in in advance warmed oven of 8-10 minutes at a temperature are baked 150os.

Ready cookies can be stuck together by means of a chocolate and creamy stuffing. For this purpose in a stewpan heat cream. Add white chocolate chipped by slices. Continuously stirring slowly, dissolve chocolate. Cool. On one almond cookies a teaspoon put the received weight and slightly press another. Clean a ready dessert in a cool place for solidification then can give to tea.