What loves a liver?

What loves a liver?
The liver represents the largest gland of the person, weighing about 1,5 kilograms. It consists of two shares — right and left. The liver participates in processes of blood formation, digestion, a metabolism. In the course of its activity the substances necessary for full work of all organism are formed. Besides the liver is the peculiar filter neutralizing the poisons and toxins coming to an organism.

Unfortunately, we seldom reflect on work of our internal, we do not pay attention to the appeared symptoms. However, if one bodies declare at once themselves when with them something not as it should be, others can long "be silent" as, for example, a liver. Almost all diseases of a liver proceed imperceptibly, in any way without being shown, gradually passing into a chronic form.

Presently this major body "glitches" at every third adult. On that there is a lot of reasons — ecology, constant stresses, overfatigue, smoking, errors in food, reception of antibiotics and other medicines. Appetite loss, nausea, fatigue, pains in the right podreberye — all this signs of malfunctions with a liver. At emergence of any suspicions on pathology of a liver it is necessary to exclude fat, spicy, salty, marinated food, alcoholic beverages, strong coffee, sour berries, mustard from food.

If with a liver everything is all right, for normal blood formation it needs all — both sweet, and wine, and fat, it is only not necessary to be fond.

What it is necessary to eat to keep a liver healthy for many years? As shows experiment, the liver is "fan" of vegetarianism. Our liver loves beet, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, vegetable marrows, tomatoes, parsley, fennel. As for proteinaceous products then the preference is given to low-fat fish, such as, a cod, a trout, a pike perch. From meat products — veal or a turkey. From dairy products — pair milk, fresh cheese, cottage cheese, kefir.

Recently scientists published the last results of researches about advantage of eggs. And it is not casual, after all yolks stimulate contractility of a gall bladder and activate bile outflow that as a result leads to full digestion of fats. So soft-boiled egg for breakfast will do good to your liver.

Millet in all types — porridges, baked puddings, soups is very useful for a liver, they help to provide an organism with the main nutrients, exempt from toxins, remove excess fat and even neutralize consequences of reception of antibiotics.

Not so long ago Japanese scientists established that avocado is the fine gepatoprotektor protecting cells of a liver from an adverse effect of environment. The pulp of avocado also reduces consequences of excessive love to an overeating and a hard liquor.

Turmeric — the best friend of a liver — residents of India consider, and they are right in it. On the basis of this seasoning druggists created preparations which are capable to restore the damaged cages of "the organism filter", to protect from negative influence of environment, exhaust gases, a cigarette smoke.

Vegetable soups without hot spices, the vegetables steamed, salads with addition of leaves of a dandelion, a goutweed, a plantain big, filled with vegetable oil will please a liver. Very valuable product for a liver is honey which needs to be used for a floor — hour to food on one tablespoon twice a day.

Broth of a dogrose which improves a zhelcheotdeleniye is very useful to a liver, protects and restores cells of a liver. Similar properties also oats broth possesses.

If cannot avoid errors in food, and after fat food you feel discomfort in the field of the right podreberye, you will be helped by tea from roots of a dandelion, a dioskorea, a yarrow, a peppermint which it is necessary to drink before food three times a day on a cup.

In the conclusion, one little advice — indulge the liver with massage. For this purpose take a teaspoon of almond or olive oil, add on two drops of mint and caraway oil, rub this mix in liver area. Make this procedure at least once a week, and your liver smoothly will work for many years.