How to install the engine VAZ on LUAZ

How to install the engine VAZ on LUAZ

The Ukrainian LUAZ SUV all is good. High-passable, compact, inexpensive in operation. But the majority of its shortcomings – a consequence of the low-power engine intended more for the car, than for the all-terrain vehicle. An exit one – to install on LUAZ the motor from VAZ.

It is required to you

- transitional plate;
- a radiator from Tavriya;
- the radiator electric fan from VAZ-2106;
- rubber hose air duct, with a section of 500 cm2;
- broad tank of VAZ-2108;
- the winch for raising of the engine;
- set of tools.

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It is simpler to install the power unit from VAZ classics in the LUAZ car. First, they approach on a design. Secondly, are developed and transitional plates for replacement of the motor are on sale. Thirdly, the set of transfer numbers of transmission LUAZA optimum approaches cursors of Zhiguli.

Get a transitional plate for installation of the engine. That the lump of the car did not increase, choose the aluminum. It is also possible to download drawings of such plate and to order its production at plant if there is such opportunity.

Remove with LUAZA the Zaporozhye motor. VAZ remove additional regular support from the engine. Their installation is absolutely useless – support LUAZA are structurally calculated on big overloads. Also remove a flywheel and a basket of coupling from the engine. Establish it on a transitional plate and directly on it podsoberit. Consider that the main models of transitional plates are calculated on use of hairpins of LUAZ.

Having established a new cursor in a motor-compartment, do not hurry to remove winch slings. Fix a transitional plate on a coupling case in a hover, fix the engine on support. Check coupling work. Collect a new radiator of Tavriya with the electric fan VAZ-2106. It should be established to the left of the new engine. Otherwise it is necessary to extend a motor compartment, to change appearance of the car, to spoil its razvesovka.

Bring air from a false radiator lattice to a new radiator by means of a soft rubber air duct. Place the top branch pipe of the cooling system in an air duct. In lower screw a drain stopper and place in a bumper cavity. Fix a broad tank from VAZ-2108 to the left of the main cylinder of coupling, connect its lower branch pipe directly to a pomp.

The hydrovacuum amplifier of brakes transfer to the right side and that road dust and water did not get to him, connect his inlet valve to the air filter of the engine. Establish a protective case of the engine.

Replace the openwork pig-iron crankshaft on strengthened steel. For the drive upgraded thus use a belt from M-412. The regular oil filter at installation of the new motor will be crossed with a steering column. Therefore replace it with low Champion F101 with a vytachivaniye of the new union. It does not concern the LUAZ-1302 model – its changed steering mechanism allows to mount the filter of any type.

VAZ it is possible to leave coupling of the motor regular. Vyzhimna bearing LUAZA approaches it, but because of the loading which sharply increased on it will often fail. Solve a problem installation of coupling of Luk. At association of conducting LUAZA with conducting of the new motor replace all worn-out wires. Wishing to receive ideal option, replace all wires with high-quality, and their connections seal with special structures.