How to sew overalls for a dachshund

How to sew overalls for a dachshund

For dogs the most experienced women of fashion can envy modern clothes even. After all in clothes at four-footed there are both dresses, and shorts, and trousers, and even overalls. However not always mistresses of dogs buy by it these clothes. After all it costs very much. Therefore female needlewomen try to sew original new things to the pets.

It is required to you

- fabric;
- paper for a pattern;
- scissors;
- threads;
- sewing machine;
- ruler;
- pencil;
- eraser

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Begin with a pattern. Consider that fact that the clothes to a dog should not stir, constrain it movements and it is obligatory be the size in the size. Otherwise your dachshund simply will not be able to walk down the street, and all efforts will be to nothing. For a start find in the Internet or construct a suitable pattern. In order that your pattern was correct, take measurements of a dog. Recommend length to define so: by means of centimeter measure distance from a collar to a tail. It will also be the main length of a product. Do not forget to leave already at creation of a pattern places for an opening through which the dog will celebrate the natural needs.


After you cut out a ready pattern, try on it directly on a dog. For this purpose it is necessary to wrap up simply it round a body. If there are imperfections, correct them scissors. Now can transfer a pattern to fabric.


Spread out paper details of a pattern to fabrics, fix tailor's needles. Now make a marking on material, considering 1-2 cm of allowances for seams. Cut out preparations and start them sweeping away among themselves. Further some fixture is necessary. As this product for an animal, so, it can be overwound and move down, it is best of all to strengthen edges of overalls a special tape.


Cuts for feet have to be surely executed in the form of arches, and here it is desirable to make an incision their edges in several places. At sewing together of the main part of overalls and details of feet such measure will help you to avoid a material prisborivaniye. So, what it not will puff up and pull too.


For the present the product is not sewed on fair, try on. If there are any problems (for example, too long trouser-legs turned out), they at this stage still easily can be corrected. After you were convinced that everything is all right, start fair sewing.


Now it was necessary only to insert locks or buttons where it is necessary. And also to supply a canine friend with fashionable boots - and it is possible on walk.