How to insert a sim card

How to insert a sim card

It would seem, what can be simpler – to insert a piece of plastic into a special cell in phone? Subscribers of cellular communication "" can do this operation with an experience blindly. And how to be to the beginner?

It is required to you

Sim card.

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In ordinary phone the back panel represents a removable cover. It is necessary to press it and to pull down, aside from the display. You will see the accumulator. Take out also it, having hooked a finger in a place of one of dredging. Remember situation in which there was an accumulator, - it is required when back insert.


Under the accumulator there is an equal surface with the one and only small deepening. In some models of phones over this deepening there is a moving rychazhok, in others instead of a rychazhka a motionless clip. Deepening goes to the third for borders dredging for the accumulator a little. And this deepening – a nest for a sim card.
Raise a rychazhok if is, and insert a sim card that the cut-off corner coincided, and the chip (a golden small square) appeared below (concerned a nest). Fix the card a rychazhok, or it will automatically be fixed by a clip (or deepening). Insert the accumulator, observing polarity (as it was located), close a cover, turn on phone.


With iPhones business is a little more cunning. The paper clip is included in the package with them. Insert its end into an opening (on the lower edge of the device), the card slot will leave. Insert it in the same way – that the cut-off corner coincided, and the chip was below.