How to prepare fried cabbage

How to prepare fried cabbage
How to prepare fried cabbage

In our country the corn did not become full "the queen of fields". More likely, the ordinary white cabbage applies for this role. It contains many vitamins and useful microcells. In particular, the cabbage contains more calcium, than in cottage cheese, also it is rich with vitamin C.

Do salads, a pickles of a white cabbage, cook Russian cabbage soup, prepare garnishes and stuffings for pies.

The preparation time of 39 minutes is required to you the Fresh white cabbage; tomatoes; greens of fennel and parsley; garlic; butter; a deep frying pan with a thick bottom. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Fried Cabbage" How to bake a duck in an oven How to bake potato in an oven How to prepare pancakes on milk



As a garnish prepare the stewed I skin or sauerkraut more often. The fried cabbage can be not only a garnish, but also quite self-sufficient hot dish - tasty and budgetary.


Wash a head of cabbage cold water. The top green leaves need to be removed - they will not be used. It is also best of all not to use the damaged cabbage leaves for cooking.

Separate some leaves from a kocheshka, cut off firm cabbage stumps.


On average fire kindle butter in a deep frying pan. That oil did not hiss and was not sprayed, can add a little refined, deodorized vegetable oil (olive, corn or sunflower).


Chop cabbage straws about 4-5 mm thick. Cut tomatoes with small cubes.

It is desirable to husk previously with them. For this purpose place tomatoes for a couple of minutes in boiled water, cool and carefully remove a skin.


On average fire fry cabbage to translucency (thus it has to remain a little crackling). Add tomatoes and small chopped garlic, close a cover and potomit on small fire about 5 minutes.


Salt, slightly strew lightly with ground black pepper and a paprika. Decorate a ready dish with small chopped greens of fennel and parsley. At desire fill with sour cream.


That the dish turned out more nourishing and appetizing, fry cabbage together with slices of sausages or sausages. When they are reddened, add tomatoes, spices and greens. In this case you should not fill with sour cream, but it is possible to place emphasis on tomatoes and to season with couple of drops of hot tomato sauce.


In the fall the cabbage can be fried with onions and forest mushrooms. It is desirable to boil mushrooms previously.