How not to catch chicken pox from the child

How not to catch chicken pox from the child

In the childhood chicken pox is had rather easily, and three weeks later after an onset of the illness the kid in green spots comes back to school or a garden. With adults a situation another – high temperature and rash, traces from which can remain for the rest of life, various complications. If in due time you had no chicken pox, it is necessary to take measures not to catch it from the child.

It is required to you

- chicken pox inoculation;
- "Acyclovir";
- "Tsikloferon".

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Against chicken pox the vaccine allowing to secure completely itself against an illness or to have benign is developed. Do a vaccine as the adult, and to children year is more senior. Teenagers are more senior than thirteen years and adults have to receive a vaccine twice, to kids do an inoculation once. The vaccine starts working within seventy two hours so if at your place there was a patient, it makes sense to do vaccination.

Try to minimize contacts with the caught kid. Entrust care of it to the spouse, the grandmother with the grandfather, the aunt – people who managed to have chicken pox. In it there is nothing shameful, after all otherwise your relatives should look after two patients.

Chicken pox is the illness which is transferred in the airborne way. Therefore it is necessary to take measures, standard for prevention of such diseases. Regularly air the room and carry a gauze bandage. Allocate to the sick child separate ware, a towel. It is will reduce risk of infection a little. As often as possible tide up, process subjects to which the sick child, weak solution of potassium permanganate contacted.

With the lowered immunity it is much simpler to person to catch, than healthy. Constantly strengthen immune system, eat vegetables and fruit, accept vitamin complexes and well get enough sleep. Of course, it will not secure you completely against risk to ache, but chances at chicken pox will be less.

Complex reception of "Acyclovir" and "Tsikloferon" can save the adult from chicken pox even if that is in continuous contact with the infected child. Usually "Acyclovir" is appointed to drink within three weeks of an illness of the child, "Tsikloferon" is accepted only in the first week while chicken pox is infectious. If you decided to secure yourself in the medicamentous way, surely consult with the doctor concerning drugs and their dosage.