How to stitch chips

How to stitch chips

There is a set of ways of an insertion of chips. As a rule, all these methods are similar by the principle and sequence of actions. Most often the reinsertion of chips of mobile phones is required. It becomes a little to change characteristics of the device to the best.

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Reinstallation old or installation of the updated software on the mobile phone or other device is called as an insertion.

For an insertion of a telephone chip it will be required to you: the personal computer with Internet connection or the carrier on which the new software is written down, phone, a cable for connection it to the computer (it usually is included in the package to phone, or it can be got separately in any cellular shop or shop of the computer equipment), and also a disk with the program of synchronization of this model of phone with the computer.

In advance think of that you had a new software suitable to your model of phone. It can be got in specialized shops but if it does not work well, simply download ON from the Internet.

Further, it is necessary to connect phone to the computer by means of an USB cable. For this purpose insert a cable into entrances and choose the option PC suite in settings of phone.

After the computer finds the new equipment, start the program of synchronization of your phone and personal computer. Further you need to find a tab in the program of synchronization "software updating and to click it. To you will suggest to update ON on the Internet or by means of other resource. Will choose the second.

In the line "Way" designate location your new ON which you downloaded from the Internet in advance or got on a disk.

Then close the program of synchronization and in the bottom right corner of a desktop will click the "safe extraction of the device" button. Will choose the necessary device – your phone. After all this it is possible to disconnect an USB cable from the personal computer and phone.

Now turn on phone. If you updated ON on phone on purpose, for example, "to refresh" the device, changes in any key parameters you will hardly see. But if the version ON which you sewed in a payment, updated, for certain your device begins to work quicker and, a cart it is possible, in it there will be new functions.

In the same way you can stitch a chip practically of any device having the software if it it is possible to connect the personal computer. Difference will be only that you should find ON and the program of synchronization, corresponding to this device, but not phone.