How to make phytocomposition?

How to make phytocomposition?
On a window window sill with the southern exposition it is possible to place composition from fitontsidny plants, such as Degremon's kalanchoe, a kalanchoe plumose, an aloe treelike, a krassula oval. These flowers emit volatile compounds which possess antimicrobic activity. At good illumination they develop quicker. In the same room at distance of 1-2 m from a window it is possible to arrange a cyperus umbrella. In room conditions it reaches 1,5-2 m and becomes frequent the central part of composition. Near it Wells's spathiphyllum, very beautiful and gentle well looks during blossoming. Its dark green leaves are harmoniously combined with openwork foliage of a fern of a nephrolepis. Fern leaves expand in length up to 1 m over time and gradually adjoin therefore it is better to put this plant on a support.

In depth the room in a shadow in 4-5 m from a window can issue composition from the following plants: begonia ritsinelistny, hibiscus Chinese, ivy ordinary, efiopogon Japanese, aspidistra high, tsirtomium the crescent. And to give compositions the finished look, all plants should be planted in pots of one color and a form, but the different sizes. For example, for an adult hibiscus the pot 50-60 cm high is necessary, and it is better to keep an aspidistra in a superficial and wide pot 10-15 cm high.

In the room with windows on the North of a plant place on a window sill or near a window. Begonias will be suitable for a window sill more. At distance of 1-2 m from a window it is possible to create such phytocomposition: a high plant of a ficus of Benjamin, glad eukharis krupnolistkovy and a sheffler vosmilistochkovy, issued in the form of a sphere. As the center of phytocomposition it is better to put a ficus closer to a wall, and between it and a window to place eukharis and to a sheffler. It is optional to spray plants every day, however at regulyarony spraying they grow quicker.

For the sleeping room will be suitable scarlet, a sanavyer and a kalanchoe as they emit oxygen at night more. Here also the geranium which emits the volatiles calming nervous system and preventing sleeplessness is pertinent.

In a nursery poisonous and prickly plants are forbidden. Better if it will be the laurels and a myrtle or other plants having beneficial influence on immunity. For children it is better to choose plants with bright motley flowers, for example, different types of a decorative and deciduous begonia.

In kitchen of a plant place in the cache-pot fixed on a wall. Here plant ampelous grassy plants: rueliya, tradescantia. If in kitchen costs gas a plate or someone from members of household smokes, it is expedient to add composition with a chlorophytum.