How to reinforce the base

How to reinforce the base

The first question which can arise – why to reinforce the base? Concrete which is used at creation of the bases, is strong if during operation experiences uniform strain, is not exposed to compression or stretching. Otherwise, concrete bursts easily and deformed. That the base did not give, use reinforcing.

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The essence of reinforcing consists in an arrangement in framework concrete from their rods. Steel assumes stretching loading, being much steadier against it, than concrete.


Reinforcing of the base should be conducted near its surface as exactly there the base bears the greatest loadings. Optimum distance from rods to a surface – 5 cm.


As it is in advance impossible to calculate the direction of deformation, from above and from below a framework form 10-12 mm of section of ridge fittings. All other rods connecting horizontal longitudinal rods can be thinner and have a smooth surface.


Most often lay the tape foundation. In this case, the distance between horizontal rods has to be about 30 cm. Add to them on 5 cm from both parties, and width of a tape of the base of 40 cm will turn out. The tape base tests longitudinal stretchings therefore thickness of the connecting rods is not important. The corner of a framework is carried out from bent rods. Thus one end has to rest against one wall, another against another.


When forming the tiled base, it is necessary to consider that it will test equally both longitudinal, and cross stretching. It means that the thick corrugated fittings should be used in all directions of reinforcing.


Connect rods among themselves either welding, or a wire. Application of a wire is explained by that not all types became of which the fittings are made, it is possible to weld. Besides, the seam can break integrity of a rod, make it thin and less strong.