How to buy things from China

How to buy things from China

For the last decades the opinion developed and became stronger that all Chinese production does not differ in long service life and high quality. However it not so. In China, besides various fakes, it is possible to find quite worthy clothes at the acceptable prices.

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Use the Internet and enter into a search line inquiry "The Chinese online store". Before you there will be a list of the various sites on which it is possible to acquire clothes from China. But you should not rush on the first counter offer. Visit the website and look at comments on him. Most often such resources are international therefore you will need knowledge of foreign languages or simply the translator.

Choose the online store suitable for you. It has to differ in positive responses and it is desirable that responses were present and from residents of your country. Besides, you have to accept a goods payment method.

Add those things which you would like to get to "Cart". Pay special attention to a clothing size. The matter is that the European, Russian and Chinese markings considerably differ. Therefore find a size table and find that corresponds to your parameters. A big shortcoming is here lack of opportunity to try on a thing and to learn, whether it suits you, whether color, etc. pleasantly looks.

Pay purchase. The majority of the sites work on an advance payment to system therefore you should rely on integrity of the chosen online store. It is possible to pay purchase through various payment systems or having used the cash card.

Watch the status of sending your purchase. As a rule, after payment the track code, in other words, number according to which it is possible to trace location of the bought clothes is provided to you. To learn, at what stage of sending there is your purchase, it is necessary to enter a track code on one of the sites of tracking of mailings.

Receive your purchase by mail. After the parcel is brought to the nearest office of mail, to you the notice of its receiving will come. With this notice visit office and take away the parcel. Check its contents directly by mail. Be convinced that sent you all set which you paid.

Receive a parcel the courier. Some online stores give opportunity to use services of the courier. He will call you in advance and will ask, in what time it will be convenient to you to receive the ordered clothes. However it is necessary to pay in addition for such way of delivery.