What is Cyrillics

What is Cyrillics

To understand in the history of Cyrillics origin not easy. Having kept Ancient Egyptian papyruses, the history almost did not leave to scientists of Slavic monuments of writing. However some data in this respect after all are available for researchers.

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Cyrillics is the symbols used in alphabets of a set of Slavic languages, and also in languages of the people living in territories of the Slavic states.

Some scientists are inclined to connect emergence in Slavs of writing as that with the Christianization of Kievan Rus' in 988, however there are facts refuting this theory. For example, book "Legend on Letters Slavic" of the Bulgarian writer Chernigorizts Hrabr. It proves that writing at Slavs existed at the time of paganism, however significantly differed from the present.

Brothers educators Kirill and Mefodiy became the first founders of the uniform, systematized, harmonous written system. Need of creation of such writing arose long before the Christianization of Kievan Rus' – at the end of the IX century. It was necessary to translate the Byzantine religious books into the language clear to Slavs that it was possible to extend Christianity. However at all not Cyrillics, and the Glagolitic alphabet (from glories was developed by brothers. "to speak" - to speak). The Greek alphabet was taken as a basis of this alphabet.

And here the origin of the Cyrillics is not clear to this day. If to trust the main theory, it was created by pupils and Kirill and Mefodiy's followers. The basis of Cyrillics was formed by letters of the Greek alphabet and the Glagolitic alphabet. Were added to 24 letters of the Greek alphabet 19 more – for designation of sounds which in Greek were not used. Most likely, Cyrillics was created in Bulgaria. This alphabet received the name in honor of one of brothers founders of the Glagolitic alphabet, Kirill.

More than for one thousand years Cyrillics a set of times changed the players and shape. Most often these changes had character of simplification – seldom used letters were cleaned, others got shape, simpler for writing. Many letters changed the appointment (as, for example, "ь" and "Kommersant" which were initially used for designation of the reduced vowels). But it in Russian. In alphabets of other Slavic languages the neighbourhood of Cyrillic and Latin symbols, writing of letters, other than Russian, existence of the symbols which are absent in the Russian alphabet sometimes takes place.

That appearance which the Russian alphabet has now, it got in 1918, after the decree of Council of People's Commissars of RSFSR. Now the Russian Cyrillic alphabet contains 33 letters.